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Monday, May 9, 2011

It is very funny that many users don’t want to get their laptop power supplies even if there’s only a little power energy remained, especially at night. Have you ever done like this? Anyway, don’t worry, and let us go for some effective ways to last laptop computer longer.

laptop without power supplies

Please check how much power energy is remaining.

If there’s less than 10% power energy, only a few things we can do to extend its standby time. Therefore, if you want to play without charger, 12 cell batteries are preferred for you. It is certainly that such a high-capacity laptop battery is still limited by standby time and deep discharging is dangerous and harmful.

Please check how much remaining time is indicated.

Normally, you can see both remaining power energy and time indicated by battery management system according to battery situation and usage methods. If there’s a great difference between both sides, you are fortunate to save more time and energy efficiently. Of course, if something wrong happens, even 12 cell batteries are in vain. That is to say, it is necessary to ensure the performance of laptop battery.

How much you can do to save power energy?

Since there are no laptop power supplies available, no battery replacement is there. First, you can go to BOIS and turn on the function of Speed Step which can reduce CPU consumption to a great range. Second, initiate the energy-saving mode in battery management system. If possible, you can also turn off all the appearance design for Windows. Even the pure desktop picture is high consumed. Third, remove all the external devices and copy the movies from DVD to hard disk. Obviously, it is unreasonable to consume more energy by these high-consumed but unused parts.

Never forget to save and keep data stable.

In my point of view, the worst matter is that laptop is power off before you have saved the files and completed other operations. Thereby, please be careful to remaining power and prepare a few minutes before. If possible, we recommend you to keep about 4% left in the battery. After all, it needs self-discharging at night and other programs have to consume in the process of shutting down.

In the end, I also want to remind you to activate your laptop battery regularly even if they are 12 cell batteries. After all, once indicator thinks it is out of power energy, even if it is a wrong judgement, you will have a short standby time.

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by: USB Phone World