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Saturday, December 5, 2009
Dell XPS M1210 Laptop Battery

This 9 cell
lithium-ion (Li-ion) laptop battery i
s designed for compatibility
with Dell XPS M1210 Series laptops.

Lithium-ion technology means longer laptop battery life and less
frequent replacement of your laptop battery. While older non-lithium
batteries experience diminished capacity due to memory issues,
lithium-ion batteries do not have this problem. This means that laptop
users can charge their lithium-ion laptop batteries as needed without
worrying about reducing the battery’s charge capacity.

Laptop and notebook users using a 9 cell lithium-ion laptop battery will
find that these batteries last significantly longer than
factory-included 6 cell laptop batteries, which give users lengthened
laptop battery use and greater portability for their Dell laptop.

This new 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery for the Dell XPS M1210
laptop series (compatible to part number: HF674 312-0435 451-10356
XPSM1210 312-0436, 451-10357, 451-10370, 451-10371, and CG036) comes
with a 12 month warranty with the option to purchase a 3 year warranty
for the low price of $39.99.

Part numbers that are compatible include laptop battery HF 674,
XPSM1210, 451-10370, 312-0435, 312-0436, 451-10371, 451-10356,
451-1-357, and CG036.


Capacity: 7200 mAh

Rating: 11.1V

Technology: Lithium-Ion

Condition: New

Color: Black

Warranty: 12 months with option of 3 year warranty for only $39.99


Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

100% OEM compatible

Compatible Dell Laptop Models:

Dell XPS M1210 Series

by: USB Phone World