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Saturday, January 10, 2009

In the field of communication, the latest breakthrough was the invention of
USB Phones. USB Phones
are basically phones designed for home and office use. Instead of the
traditional PSTN wall socket, they’re connected to the PC USB port. They were
invented to improve audio quality of PC based telephony including user
interface, operating just like conventional telephones. There are different
kinds of USB Phones suited for different purposes. If you want to do call while
away from the computer, use cordless USB Phones. With Cordless USB Phones, the
user can freely roam around, do other things while talking. If you are on a
tight budget but wanted to enjoy the comforts of USB Phones, then the USB Phone
Adapter is for you. Without having to buy another phone, you can use this
adapter together with your existing telephone and calls anywhere. Truly, the
world of communication has been improved with these USB Phones.

For businessmen and students, laptops are one of the things they need. Many
brands are available; each offers different things for the user. Upon choosing
the laptop fit for you, there are many things to consider, one of which is the
battery lifetime. A very common practice is to allow the battery to drain fully
before recharging it but try to avoid over charging as it may damage the
battery. If the laptop is not in use, discharge the battery first before
removing and storing it in a cool dry place. No one can really determine the
exact lifetime of laptop batteries, but with proper care, your battery can live

by: USB Phone World