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Friday, January 2, 2009

Performing the regular tasks you do on your desktop with your laptop can
actually extend the battery life of your laptop’s computer battery.

Most laptop batteries last an average of a couple years. By running regular
maintenance functions, this life can be lengthened considerably.

One of the first and most important things you can do is defragment your
laptop’s drive regularly. This simple act will help to put less demand on your
battery by making your hard drive work with less energy. It’s counterproductive,
however, to perform this task while the laptop is running solely on the battery.

Anything you can do on your laptop that involves conserving energy will
ultimately extend the lifetime of the battery. For instance, you can dim your
computer screen, and cut down on the number of programs running in the
background or during startup. Using any of the sleep, rather than the standby
functions will also help to cut down on how hard your battery has to work.

Overall, the key to extending the life of your battery has a lot to do with how
much you demand from your computer not only while using it, but also through
keeping up with the regular maintenance of your system. Regular cleaning of the
multiple air vents on the sides and rear with a keyboard cleaner or small cloth
can keep the temperature to a minimum and in turn, let your laptop operate a bit
more efficiently.

Doing these simple steps regularly can extend the life and wear and tear you
give your laptop’s battery on a daily basis.

by: USB Phone World