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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
USB Phone World has emerged as a leader in laptop battery and laptop power cord sales online, in part because of their mutually beneficial relationships with public schools. But for the year of 2010 they are going a little further to provide some extra help to the public school districts they serve with products like Dell laptop battery.

USB Phone World is committed to providing top quality laptop AC adapters and laptop batteries to all their customers, but USB Phone World has a special commitment to public schools.

"Schools are the first place where good communities are built. We definitely see the need to make a special effort to help our public schools any way we can, especially during this recession. Our more flexible terms and pricing are just one way we're going about that," says of USB Phone World. Steve Hu, President of USB Phone World.

The online retailer is starting by offering its products to schools at wholesale prices. For the year 2010 USB Phone World is also offering school districts an additional 10% off.

Their inventory of laptop supplies includes products for all the major brands of laptops including Dell laptop battery, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, and many others. But USB Phone World's commitment to education goes well beyond lower prices for school districts.

To accommodate the financial constraints that public school districts face, USB Phone World now allows school districts to pay flexibly, giving them thirty days to make payments from the time the order is placed.

USB Phone World is also planning an ambitious fund raising program that promises to donate 10% of their sales entirely to public schools. Students can participate, selling products like AC Adapter and laptop battery to people in the community.

"We see ourselves as being in a partnership with school districts. We each get something out of the relationship, but it goes well beyond making a sale in the short term. This is about doing at least a little something for the long term to help build our communities. Public schools are at the center of that effort, raising the next generation of leaders. These students are going to be our employees, customers, and affiliates. So yes, we have a self-interest at stake here, but it's really an enlightened self-interest," says Steve Hu, President of USB Phone World.

USB Phone World offers several products including laptop battery for HP laptop, power cord for Toshiba laptop, laptop battery for Lenovo laptop, and other accessories for all these brands.

by: USB Phone World