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Friday, May 28, 2010

I believe that many Dell users have shared the same situation: after using the laptop for a long time, the hottest part is not laptop surface or thermal vents but the AC adapter. Even if it is a Dell 90W AC adapter, it may come to be very hot one day. With it in your hand, the heat will make you feel that if it will be fire, smoke or even on strike.

Laptop AC adapter is a high-precision, high-efficiency switching power supply, which is designed to exert the 110V AC into a low voltage DC. As it provides stable power to laptop, it is praised as the source of power energy.

For Dell 90W AC Adapter, it works with an inside switching power supply in the state of high voltage and high current. With no vents on the cover and no fans inside, the adapter is always working with a high temperature and heavy workload. Especially in summer, the temperature comes to be hotter than usual.

To create a good thermal environment is a good idea for Dell 90W AC Adapter. The adapter should not be placed in the sun but a well-ventilated area. Neither does the surrounding of thermal vents. Otherwise, not only the heat inside will be reserved, but also to absorb more heat.

If an accident happens, just pull it out. In some cases, big noises and even smoke occurs to the adapter, it must be damage, which should be inspected and repaired by professional engineers.

Besides, different Dell laptop models should not share the same Dell 90W AC Adapter, especially the one not in the compatible models list or non-Dell laptops. Different laptop adapters are different in output interface, nominal voltage and current values. If mixed, it will occur to be charged dissatisfiedly.

In conclusion, Dell 90W AC adapter, in spite of high capacity and performance, should be cared in daily use. Besides, the notice on the cover should be followed strictly. Then many accidents and problems can be avoided.


by: USB Phone World