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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dell D830 comes to be one of cost-effective laptops for Dell, with a good configuration and stable performance. With the time goes by, you may find that the system becomes lower and the AC adapter is hotter than ever. As professionals said, a good way for you is to get a replacement AC adapter. Then how to get a matched one?

Nominal voltage and current of Dell D830

For all laptops, nominal input voltage and current can be seen on the bottom label, which is the standard parameter for all parts. In theory, a laptop should have an AC adapter with the same parameter. However, with the update and richness, the original one comes to be not enough for you. The most obvious feature is overheat, both the laptop and AC adapter.

Interface of Dell D830 and AC adapter

Power interface comes to be different by brand and size. For Dell D830, the interface type of AC adapter is concerned with compatibility. Besides, the quality of the interface is also important, for it has a great impact on the stability of power supply.

Quality of AC adapter

There are sorts of AC adapters on the earth. In many cases, a refurbished one is sold as a new one, which is dangerous for your Dell D830. Actually, the refurbished AC adapter is an old one with a new cover, whose performance will get you a short adapter life and a poor condition in use.

After-sale service

Usually, a refurbished AC adapter won’t offer you a warranty of 1 full year in normal. Therefore, it is a major detail for your purchase. A good after-sale service can not only efficient your work but provide you a lot of information of AC adapter and Dell D830.

Weight of AC adapter

As it is carried everyday by more businessmen, a small and light AC adapter is more attractive. Normally, the adapters are about 200g to 500g. Although the weight can be afford by most, it will still exhaust you for a long time trip.

Overall, to get your Dell D830 more efficient, a high quality AC adapter is necessary. Certainly, you can check the compatible laptop models list to know if the laptop of your companion. In normal, in our website, price can be reduced for the increase in number.

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