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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you occur to be a fan of Dell or your laptop is just Dell 6000, there’re some tips for you.

As the laptop model has been released early, maybe its configuration won’t satisfy you anymore. Memory, system and other applications could be installed to your laptop. The fact you have to accept is that your original AC adapter has failed to meet the requirements of the laptop.

With the functions of Dell 6000 are increasingly enriched, the power requirements are also improved. And as the battery capacity becomes larger, the charging requirements are also improved. It means that the power of the adapter should be doubled. In addition, as the laptop comes to be carried more frequently, a lightweight small adapter which can be charged immediately is attractive to all sorts of users.

For most of the laptops, an AC adapter with nominal voltage and current seems to be better. Both the compatibility and the safety are perfect, for the design of circuit protection and other parameters. However, as the laptop has been updated in many aspects, the nominal value is not enough for you. A high capacity adapter for Dell 6000 could be your best choice.

It is asked if a high capacity adapter will damage your laptop. Normally, a higher one can replace the lower one in the premise of the same voltage.

As a matter of fact, with the same voltage, the value of current output depends on the load of laptop. An AC adapter of large nominal value has enough current margins in it. When the Dell 6000 notebook is running in a high-load operation, the current comes to be higher; when the notebook goes into an idle state, the current comes to be lower.

On the contrary, suppose you get a 56W adapter instead of the original 65W one, maybe it seems to be OK for you. However, once you have added some external devices, such as usb hard drives and DVD movies, the laptop will become hotter and hotter.

What’s surprised is that a high capacity AC adapter for Dell 6000, 90W or even 130W, is available in our website, which is certain to further the performance of your laptop.

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by: USB Phone World