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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perhaps you are looking for a replacement AC Adapter for your Dell D620 laptop; perhaps you have just got a new one; perhaps you are still using the original one used for a long time. There’re some details for you to maintain it, which is even more important to your laptop.

Although AC adapter of Dell D620 does not worth a lot, but if we pay a little more attention, a great protection will be given to it. And more cost can be saved from it. Then how to get that? Well, let’s start.

When we use the AC adapter for the notebook, it must be noticed about the sequence of AC adapter input plug of DC output plug. A wrong order will lead to a serious damage to your Dell D620, which cannot be ignored.

The correct operation order is as follows.

1. At the beginning of connection.

First you should connect the DC output plug of AC adapter with the power jack of laptop, and then connect the AC input plug to 220V AC power outlet.

2. When it is out of use.

The input plug of AC adapter should be unplugged first, and then pull out the DC output plug.

If the operation order comes to be the opposite, what will happen to Dell D620 laptop?

For a wrong order, the AC adapter will get risk of no-load voltage, which cannot be afforded by the adapter. As it is at the state of pulse, with no load, a high voltage breakdown, such as anti-peak IC, capacitors and other voltage sensitive components, will be emerged by the switching transformer inside. Although most of the latest AC adapters have established a no-load protection circuit, the effect is limited. Therefore, no-load state will damage the adapter and Dell D620 laptop seriously.

In our daily work, these details of operation order should be followed. With a good habit, the adapter life can be extended and your Dell D620 laptop will play better than ever.

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