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Friday, May 28, 2010

To improve the performance, a new HP 65W AC adapter has been released lately. Considering the users' habits, some additional functions have been established by HP laboratory. The new adapter comes to be more humanity which is already available by us.

For most of users, especially businessmen, laptop with AC adapter will be carried anywhere, from home to office or even on the business trip. Thus, a new HP 65W slim adapter comes to be a good choice for most HP 65W laptops. This kind of adapter comes to be lighter and smaller in size. And the progress in shape won’t get the performance reduced.

Not only has not been weakened, it has many improvements on features, which makes it called a smart adapter. The new HP 65W smart AC adapter has improved in the compatibility for many HP business laptops. A new application, called "legacy dongle", has been added to compatible with some early produced notebooks, which is an innovation in technology.

As is known, the HP 65W AC adapter can be connected to both external socket and car charger, which will offer us more freedom and more convenience in use. With one in the hand, even it happens to be a traffic jam, the work is still able to be done successfully. Besides, the new adapter is also designed to optimize the laptop system. With the energy-saving device, the laptop will get away from overvoltage and overcurrent conditions. Then the system occurs to be more stable than ever.

For HP 65W smart AC adapter, protection circuit is designed to avoid motherboard being burned, even when the voltage is high and unstable. It is the function that makes the adapter compatible with all HP business laptops without any risk.

Of course, the HP 65W AC adapter is produced for HP 65W laptops. With the humanity design in shape, this kind of HP 65W slim adapter will be a good partner for your business trip and holiday travel.

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