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Friday, August 13, 2010

Since the topic of low-carbon lifestyle has become more and more popular, many people come to pay a close attention to the development in the technology of batteries. As a member of lithium-ion laptop batteries suppliers, I cannot help to think more about new investment and researches from outside world in this emergency period.

Above all, when more requirements of lithium-ion batteries get to the vehicles, it is no longer for laptop batteries to stay in the former position. According to continuous update of laptop and other electronic products, the traditional specification is unable to be enough to users.

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

It is reported that a new Gateway netbook has released with standby time of nearly 10 hours, which comes to be a high level to laptop batteries capacity. Compared to a standard Gateway mx8710 laptop battery, rated at 14.8 V and 4400mAh, the new battery has not much additional functions inside but less needs from netbook and components.

In fact, nowadays, users rely more on external Gateway laptop power cord instead of installed parts like Gateway mx8710 laptop battery. They even don’t want to remove the laptop to anywhere else while it has weakened the functions of portable electronics. In my opinion, it is not so good for laptop computer development, for which it is emergent for us to create great breakthrough to lithium-ion laptop batteries of great significance.

It is fortunate for us to see that many results in theory and practice have released in the market, including new electrode material and new technology in battery cells. Except for higher energy-to-weight ratios, I think more powerful performance in durability and environmental protection are bound to arouse a highlight in laptop batteries investment.

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