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Thursday, August 12, 2010

With more accidents happen to laptop batteries these years, we shouldn’t wait until overheat or fire occur to us any longer. Otherwise, not only the whole laptop or other components will be damaged but it will hurt us to some extent as well. Actually, many details in daily use have just showed us a lot about battery conditions there.

In most cases, it is not the common problems but some anomalies that causes the serious accidents to laptop batteries.

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My friend Jason used to have Lenovo T60 battery charged for a long period for its high capacity. However, one day he found that it came to charge rapidly while discharge slowly, which was abnormal to all laptop batteries. From then on, his Lenovo laptop battery became more and more heat after work that my friend gradually realized there’s something wrong with the battery.

Except for short standby time or poor contact, these abnormal problems are with more potential factors inside Lenovo laptop battery. And nowadays, we should pay more attention to them by checking the exponent of indicators, such as cycle count application and battery management system.

As IBM has created a new application to figure out the condition of laptop batteries, we seem to learn more knowledge about recharging cycles, output voltage, current, work temperature and so on before any similar consequences occur like that of Lenovo T60 battery. Then even a little internal contamination emerges will be found out by us obviously according to the indicating in work temperature and other factors. We don’t need to wait until cells rupture or thermal runaway arrive that we begin to replace the batteries or other accessories.

Therefore, you’d better install these kinds of applications or the installed software in your laptop system to check if there’s any problem with laptop batteries there by fully charge. After all, it's never too late to mend.

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