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Monday, August 9, 2010

Speaking of the advantages of lithium-ion laptop battery, many users come to compare it with Ni-mh and Ni-cd battery in energy density, capacity, memory effect and so on. As a matter of fact, even if it has been called as lithium-ion condenser for a long time, the development in it is working every single day with more powerful functions and better performance achieve by research and test.

ilthium-ion laptop battery

In early times, as lithium-ion laptop battery has emerged first by Sony laptop battery, many problems haven’t been solved completely in stability, compatibility and so on. In theory, pure lithium is very reactive, which has added potential safety hazard to the condenser and users. When we are all enjoy the profits provided by them, we are blind on these potential accidents around us.

There’s no denying that many advanced technology in the world are firstly achieved in batteries more than any other electronic products, such as nanotechnology. With lithium-ion hydroxide and hydrogen gas produced, we should celebrate the success of nanotechnology in laptop battery. And the leader Sony laptop battery, even if several accidents have happened to it these years, has already completed many great accomplishments in battery.

From metal oxide to Spinel applied on cathode, higher voltage and better inductive effect are no longer an untouchable dream, which can be seen on Toshiba laptop battery. Under the glory of Sony, many people come to neglect the fruitful results in Toshiba while many advance technology and materials have been put into use by Toshiba in very early period.

Since more industry organizations become to attach importance to laptop battery, nearly every component of condenser, including cells, aqueous solutions and cut off system, is in the process of research to optimize the performance of the whole battery. After all, many small steps make a journey, which will be achieved in the near future.

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