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Friday, August 6, 2010

With netbook becomes more and more popular, we have seen a similar trend of netbook development just like that of laptop before. Although it comes to have provided more convenience to users in portability, net play and even practice, which has converts these mini laptops into a brilliant mobile device. However, as to the external parts of netbook like AC adapter, we can figure out some differences between netbook and laptop beyond we expected.

People who have used netbooks can learn that they have developed well in functions and performance as well. For this reason, even if the laptop battery is not so powerful, it can extend the standby time much longer than it should be, so is the AC adapter.

ac adapter for netbook

With smaller size in appearance, AC adapter for netbook seems to be different from a normal one, laptop power cord in particular. There’s no denying that only an interface with smaller size can be available to this new “laptop”.

As to AC adapter, I am confused if netbook requires lower charge time or it just cannot bear such a speed of charging. HP 510 AC adapter, a 65W compatible laptop charger, is only at the standard level in specifications of output voltage and current. However, even if the interface has been changed, it still is so powerful to the netbook for these advantages in charge.

Whether it is a problem for AC adapter or laptop power cord, I think the primary contributor to users should be the development of netbooks themselves. It is better to improve the performance, internal circuits and functions than searching for a suitable part to these backward “laptops”. Of course, we should still take efforts on environmental protection while it has really reached the certain level of technology.

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