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Thursday, August 5, 2010

You must have heard about a Korean girl who can play well with several iPhones with wonderful music. With advanced technology in audio and voice, can Skype phone also be a music instrument? Maybe it will become a tool of not only musical instrument but writing songs into music scores.

skype phone, musical instrument

Like many other phones, Skype phone can produce different pronunciations by the buttons on it. Relatively, the 12 buttons can just be connected with the 12 pronunciations in piano with all the white and black keyboards. With connected into laptop, all these pronunciations can be recorded by corresponding buttons on the phone.

To hear more clearly while playing or creating, the skypemate download free on the Internet can help us to figure out if the tone is suitable to us. It seems to be important to us to get balance between speaker and microphone. And skypemate is just like a tuner in the process of recording and production.

Of course, this kind of assistant software has several sections adapted to different windows system, such as skypemate Windows 7. With better compatibility, more additional functions can be realized with fruitful sight experiences. To write songs, the software is also necessary to be compatible with each other.

Furthermore, you can also try it in several Skype phones which are all good in voice quality. Sing while playing an invented piano around the computer is really so cool and we can get more inspirations from the Skype phone, skypemate download and friends to sharing the music.

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