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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No one can forget his first love, so am I. Recently I reunite with her after nearly more than 10 years on my new Skype phone. It is really a magic experience for me to come across her on an online club there.

Last month, as online degree course has become more and more popular in NY, I bought a new Skype phone in USB Phone World. Then I have applied for many courses and chat with some friends on the Skype group by video conference. Under the circumstance of financial crisis, I just want to have been deeply reflecting upon life and restart as soon as possible.

skype phone, first love

One day, I was just talking seriously with my friends on Skype phone, someone recommended me his new teacher Alice to me. I was surprised to find that she was my first love who hadn’t met for more than 10 years. And I just didn’t know what to say, especially for this kind of reunion.

After chatting with her for a while, we seemed to restore calm and adapt to my new teacher and her courses. It was until I download the new skypemate Windows 7 that I entered the new online club. Of course, I feel lucky that I can have such a good teacher that knows me very well. Anyway, I just want to improve myself in the industry and make acquaintances there. As to the first love, I haven’t thought about and happy to meet her here.

After all, with the popularity of Skype phone, more and more users enter the group of online clubs while we will reunite with many old friends after a long separation. I just can’t help to say that the world become smaller and smaller with the development of telecommunication, Internet, network and their integration.

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