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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just like the relationship between doctor and patient, we users and Gateway laptop battery should learn more with each other to optimize the performance. Actually, both of us two should be unique to each other for different requirements, habits, feature and so on.

As we have told that everyone should learn clearly about our own habits before purchasing a new Gateway laptop battery. It has no occasion to pursue for a higher capacity if it is unnecessary to us. Actually, we should have a list of our usage ways, such as how many programs will be used in daily life, how long will it last for every day and so on. Someone like IT workers needs to work with multi-programs running there so that a high capacity laptop battery is necessary to them. However, if not, we’d better go for a stable one with perfect work condition instead of any other additional functions.

gateway laptop battery

In addition, the features of Gateway laptop battery also influence our daily work a lot. Compared to Thinkpad t60 battery, Gateway comes to have a higher output voltage in specifications. According to the principle of charging, a higher voltage battery needs a longer time to get the stage of constant-potential charge. That is to say, we shouldn’t keep a lot of applications running in that period as voltage hasn’t reached the certain level.

In the process of using, we should also care more about the condition of Gateway laptop battery by a deep talk. When it comes to be hot, we should consider if it needs an air conditioner or it becomes overheat. When it comes to be reduced in capacity, we should activate on it to optimize its performance even if it is a Thinkpad t60 battery. When we have a deep talk with the battery, we can learn more about its requirements and ourselves.

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