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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Although Internet has provided more convenience to our life, there’re still potential dangers exist. With more and more virus emerged on the Internet, what we mostly worry about is the privacy protection. Even if Skype has popularized rapidly all over the world, many users still cannot be easy with it on the issue of individual privacy which can be solved by Skype phone to some extent.

skype phone, privacy protection

Compared to many other movements on the Internet, communication has become a mostly possible way to express ourselves with some private information released inadvertently. As MSN messenger always reminded us that never to reveal your personal information, such as bankcard password. That is why the most powerful virus comes to be Trojan horse to influence the communication messengers seriously.

However, the condition comes to be different if a Skype phone is available to us. With Skype mate installed in the laptop, we can realize phone calls by external device and internal additional software with better acoustics effect. Actually, this kind of design between the laptop and the phone can get balance between communication functions and privacy protections perfectly.

Furthermore, a kind of new USB telbox can transfer the communication to a traditional telephone. As a matter of fact, you even don’t need to connect it with Skype or any other messenger. Only Internet is necessary for users to have a VOIP phone call.

Certainly, you won’t consider Skype phone or even USB telbox as a communication messenger while it is still not a real telephone or mobile phone. With advanced functions, I think Skype phone is really a good way to realize IM conversations online with perfect privacy protection.

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