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Thursday, July 29, 2010

When purchasing a replacement laptop battery, many people pay more attention to the compatible laptop lists than the specifications of the battery on the surface. Actually, these data have provided a lot of useful information to users to learn more about the compatibility, performance, safety and so on.

To check if the laptop battery is compatible with laptop perfectly, it is a matter of specifications of voltage and current. Some users may be relieved when he finds that the laptop works normal with a compatible Toshiba laptop battery even if it is not exactly suitable or of poor performance. As a matter of fact, if the actual output power is lower than the requirements, the battery seems to be normal in appearance but won’t last long for not enough energy provided.

toshiba laptop battery

Once the required current of laptop becomes higher than the output value of Toshiba laptop battery, it is at high risk of overheat or even dead. As we all know, there’s a protection circuit installed in the battery and it initiates when the current is out of the limitation. In addition, if the output voltage is larger than the dominated value, it will also lead to overload.

PA3399u 2brs is a standard compatible laptop battery for Toshiba. To have a good performance and safety in use, it has experienced strict examination and test in original Toshiba laptops. Except for the voltage and current, the manufacturers have compared its internal resistances to the OEM ones. Then we don’t need to worry about if the actual specifications have results in a big error.

That is to say, even if the battery hasn’t reached the limitation of the laptop, the cut off system works for the actual output current of the battery is beyond its own limitation. It is late to regret when the computer shuts down automatically and important data loss.

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