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Monday, July 26, 2010

Although nearly everyone learns about the importance of laptop battery, maybe no one believes a battery can decide if you can earn more than 60 million dollars in only one minute. Indeed, it has happened to Mark and Randy, the heroes of this story about a Dell laptop extended battery and a big deal.

Several months ago, Mark and Randy are working hard to strive for a big deal with their heavy buyer. Although they are both close to the deal, only one can get the ultimate success from the buyer. At this crisis, a brilliant idea occurs to the Mark in his mind.

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After learning that his heavy buyer is using a Dell Latitude laptop, he bought a new Dell laptop extended battery for him which is the primary contributor to his success. Compared to a normal one, it can not only prolong the battery life, but also increase the running speed of his laptop. As a matter of fact, it is a strategy to win the final success.

As to a Dell Latitude laptop battery, normally it needs to have a higher capacity than any others. Except for longer standby time, the Dell laptop extended battery has reminded the buyer of Mark more than Randy when considering their programs for his refreshments and humanity technologies. Even if they have both the perfect products, it is the service and attentive observation that push him to make a final decision.

I just can’t help to say that even an unfancied laptop battery cannot be ignored that it may become your final partner to make a big deal like Mark. In the fast technology development era, we really should pay more attention to the details of our life instead of secular interests.

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by: USB Phone World