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Friday, July 23, 2010

Since the spread of rumor 2012, many people come to focus attention on the issue of environmental protection which is the theme of 2010 World Expo. As for laptop accessories, AC adapter is the direct part to consume electricity while produces heat at work.

ac adapter, environmential protection

After gaining electronics from laptop power cord, AC adapter will switch the chemical energy to physical energy while transmitting the 110V mains supply to about 10% according to laptop voltage. In the process, it will produce some heat and consume electricity itself. Actually, the chemical materials inside are also harmful to environment.

Nowadays, many users are pursuing for high rate AC adapter, which is not good to environmental protection. Of course, for some laptops with not so good heat dissipation, higher power adapter is necessary just like Acer AC adapter. Actually, it will consume more electricity from external power supply per minute than a lower one and also put high pressure to laptop power cord. In addition, thanks to high-power operation, it can produce internal resistance more rapidly.

Furthermore, improper method of AC adapter using and fitness will add more to pollution. For example, if the charger is always unplugged in the outlet, it continues to consume electricity, which can reduce its own performance and produce more pollution to environment.

Therefore, to get the balance from convenience and environmental protection, we should learn clearly about our real requirements before purchasing AC adapter. After all, an unnecessary high rate adapter is just a waste of energy.

In the end, I want to remind user to recycle your dead Acer AC adapter. Otherwise, you can be affected more by the pollution than the convenience from the new replacement.

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by: USB Phone World