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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Speaking of IBM Thinkpad battery, the picture of high-end brand and high-quality product will appear in my mind. To be sure, as IBM is with strict examination, advanced manufacturing and good service, it has also been regarded as a symbol of status. However, as to innovation, almost no one will remind of IBM Thinkpad while it is really working hard on it.

Actually, although Apple is said to be a leader in all walks of life, it is still hard for Apple to have some further innovation in laptop battery. Compared to the appearance, users pay more attention to its functions, performance and capacity. All these make many brand laptop manufacturers have little space to spread wings.

As IBM Thinkpad is prior in technology, it is a gift for both IBM and users. There’s an advance function in the battery for IBM Thinkpad and laptop systems. That is to say, even if the battery is removed for several times, the information in the past still exists. Then we don’t need to activate it frequently or worry about if it will be injured if it is separated from laptop. Of course, if you are going to replace it, you’d better check to clear the former information, especially the replacement is with high capacity.

Besides, users can also check the index of installed IBM Thinkpad battery, such as recharging circles and charging current, thus technology has already been quoted by HP now. Compared to the battery management software of Sony Vaio, the innovation of IBM seems to be more outstanding.

With more and more events happened to laptop battery, we cannot emphasize the importance of battery safety and performance too much. When pursuing for higher capacity, have you ever considered these additional functions for your laptop battery?

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by: USB Phone World