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Friday, July 16, 2010

Under the circumstance of increasing competitive work condition, we almost have no spare to relax ourselves. Especially after the influence of financial crisis, recharging ourselves has become a daily continuously assignment. While working on the notebook computer, please remind that it still needs to be charged in time by laptop charger.

Actually, AC adapter for laptop is not only the resource of power but also a tool to improve its performance. Running with low power energy is just like working in hunger or delicate health. Compared to normal condition, thus, the computer cannot stand the pressure from these running applications without laptop charger. It is similarly that if we work in weak health, it will reduce our work efficiency.

To be sure, as nearly all the laptops are with li-ion batteries nowadays, it will make laptop battery hurt by a deep discharge. Different from Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries, li-ion ones are of little memory effect. Since it has been activated at the first time, it is no use and even harmful to keep laptop computer running without AC adapter until indicated to be empty. Besides, when the computer is power off, the power in the battery is also reduced with time goes by. That’s why some laptops can no longer work if not used and not stored properly.

Certainly, it still needs activation once several months. Similarly, we need to have summary reports quarterly and it is still necessary for us to have annual vacation. After all, it is a process for AC adapter to transfer the power to laptop.

Please take care of your notebook computer and AC adapter likes the way you treat your business companion. We’ve taken a lot of time on choosing and it is also important for us to maintain the relationship.

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by: USB Phone World