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Monday, July 12, 2010

For most users, they feel secure about laptop charger when they are working on their laptops. Actually, although the charger can provide power continuously, it is still at the risk of power off.

Compared to battery, laptop charger is more complex in power supply mode. After converting the mains supply into the power of dominated value, it will also work to divide the power to all the components, such as internal protection circuit, internal resistance, laptop battery and its circuit.

Normally, every part of laptop charger is indispensable. Once the laptop power cord is of poor contact, you may suffer from data loss by automatic power off; or even short circuit will damage the CPU and other computer components.

As is well known, overheat is dangerous to AC adapter. So radiating seems to be very important while not easy to deal with. Especially in summer, it is much harder for it to radiate while escaping from heat outside. Please keep the adapter upright to contact the air as much as possible.

What most people don't understand is that capacity of AC adapter is also related to overheat. Once it comes to be out of the maximum restriction, it will be overloaded or even out of work. Low-capacity laptop charger in particular, it cannot meet the requirements of battery and protection circuit with some high power-consumed programs running if the battery is charging.

Whenever the AC adapter happens to be beeping, please stop it and get it repaired in time. The beeping is likely to caused by damage in adapter and protection circuit, either is possible to accidents.

Yes, it is necessary to prepare a replacement for emergency accidents. However, it cannot be replaced randomly as the compatibility is related to output voltage, current, interface and so on. Universal AC adapter is surest way for office and home. Nearly all the laptops are available to it.

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