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Friday, July 9, 2010

As events of laptop batteries emerged one after another, many users are afraid if the batteries from large laptop manufacturers are safe. In fact, this kind of doubts is not groundless. A poor-quality laptop battery is just like a time bomb to users.

time bomb, poor-quality laptop battery

Recently, HP laptop battery accident has provoked much discussion among users. The explosion makes HP users are still fluttering with fear while they don’t know if any accidents will happen to themselves. Even if HP continues to expand its recalling range, yet can’t it set us at ease.

Although such accidents are of small probability, it is unavoidable to suffer from the conditions in laptop battery as follow.

When will the laptop power off automatically?

If your laptop occurs to power off automatically, you must be mad about it. Of course, it isn’t a big problem to your battery with at least the protection circuit performs well. Normally, such problems are caused by overheat or low battery capacity. When the necessary power of laptop is out of battery adaptive capacity, the protection circuit will take effect by power off.

How long will the battery last for?

Usually, poor-quality laptop battery has a short life span. Compared to the recalling hp laptop batteries, some refurbished ones are more dangerous. Although they seem to be good by appearance, the cells are old and the electric circuits cannot work so smoothly. Even if it is of good maintenance, it won’t last as long as normal batteries. Maybe one day it is dead suddenly with no omens before.

I have to say a poor-quality laptop battery is just like a time tomb which may go wrong at any times. We even don’t know whether it is with security leaks or not? Therefore, whether original or compatible laptop batteries, you should check before purchasing.

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by: USB Phone World