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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With more and more online retailers of laptop battery born on the Internet, many users are confused how to choose the suitable one. Even the battery for IBM t30 laptop is sold by hundreds of retailers. Actually, if you have mastered the skills as follow, you can make your decision in only one minute.

Check if there’re pictures of real products in the website.

Normally, a good retailer is confident to show the products pictures to customers. If there’s even no picture there, it is hard to determine whether it is the one you ordered. Of course, some retailers may provide the pictures from the official websites of main laptop manufacturers. Please keep away from them unless you can confirm all of the products are original.

Check if there’re some descriptions of certain laptop battery.

Some basic descriptions are necessary to users, such as specifications, compatible laptop models and so on. If not, you can’t learn the battery well. As a battery for IBM t30 laptop, it is different in specifications from all kinds of websites.

Confirm if the laptop battery warranty is of one full year.

A full year warranty is available to all new laptop batteries. Otherwise, it must be a refurbished battery or a used one. If the warranty is more than one year, it seems to be better. Actually, after-sale service has been involved in the price of the product.

Compare the price by some comparison websites

If you have no knowledge of the price, you can go for a famous comparison website to check. The websites like Google shopping and NexTag are good to help you find a laptop battery of good value.

Look over the comments from other customers

From comments, you can learn some experience of laptop batteries from other users. After all, evaluation from the third party seems to be more credible. Then you can be prevented from similar problems.

If you are worried about it, you can have a direct phone call to the selected retailer. A professional service will make you feel reliable. Then just order and wait for your new laptop battery.

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by: USB Phone World