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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cordless usb phone

Cordless usb phone is an advanced skype phone. Normally, it is possible to reach the range of 50 meters, which is enough for home and small office. What’s better is that it can work on both broadband network and wireless network. Therefore, you can be relieved from computer or cables.

In addition, it looks like a wireless phone while the voice quality and performance are much better. Its attachment includes li-ion battery, data line, drive disk and synopsis. In usb phone world, it is one of the most popular products with a reasonable price.

Usb telbox

Usb telbox is an intergration of skype commutator and phone adapter. Normally, it can get you rid of buying a new skype phone. Some basic functions of skype phone can be realized on a normal telephone. Therefore, one device can play two roles in your office.

Compared to headphone, as the DSP technology adopted, it can reach echo cancellation and improve the communication quality to a great degree. It is even more interesting that by some special software, the buttons on the phone will realize the functions like keyboard and mouse for computer.

Nowadays, with the development of Internet technology, communication becomes more convenient. Even a long distance in the world won’t separate us. As the boom of skype has created a huge uproar in US, I believe skype phone will also change the traditional telecommunication industry in the near future.

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