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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Neither the product-line nor the supply chain of sony laptop battery is peaceful recently. With more and more complaints come from users and other laptop manufacturers emerged, sony is facing the largest challenge in this century with the new product sony vaio laptop battery included.

Actually, this kind of problem is not just for sony laptop battery but many other products, such as digital camera, television, mobile phone, image pickup elements and even PSP prided by sony. From the time span, many complaints and events have happened since 2005.

Once upon a time, sony is a symbol of global high-end products with cutting edge technology and good reputation. At that time, hundreds of people are wild about sony electronic products. All these are visible before the eyes, however, they are destroyed by recent events. Many users come to be disappointed with the quality and after-sale service of sony laptop battery.

As to the after-sale service, many users are well aware of the problems. One user even said that the service of sony is just like China Taoist Tai which is dancing around the keys. He said sony was trying to avoid solving these problems.

As a matter of fact, some events of other laptop brands are also caused by sony. For trust, sony became their suppliers gradually. That is to say, the products of sony have shared the market of most laptop accessories, which makes the consequence more serious. Although we don’t know the real reason, these laptop batteries are really victims of sony accidents.

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by: USB Phone World