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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With global environment worsened, many countries have regarded the energy development as an important issue. As a popular electronic product, the energy efficiency of laptop is an important part of environmental protection. Meanwhile, the technology of extended battery life (EBL) has been talked a lot by many laptop battery manufacturers.

Recently, Toshiba has released a new laptop model, L600-05S, with Intel Core i5 430M processor. The battery for toshiba laptop is said to with extended battery life technology. As to the laptop market, it is really a new innovation.

Nowadays, many laptop manufacturers have mainly used the EBL technology which is led by Intel, Many chip design companies and manufacturers. It realized energy conservation by the following three ways. First, the LCD converter, with 1/4 of total power consumption, fluorescents light efficiency through optimizing the design. Second, the LCD screen works with non-vertical refresh. Last, Device Performance States´╝îDPS, to get balance between performance and consumption. The technology has been proved to be great. Except for toshiba laptop battery, many products of those large laptop manufacturers are with this energy saving technology.

However, the technology is not only aim to laptop battery but the LCD as well. As is known to all, LCD screen is the largest power-consumed component. With the widely spread of LCD screen, the optimizing and power control become an important topic. With the development of laptop core clock and discrete VGA Chip, the technology is not enough which is urgently researched by professionals.

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