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Monday, June 28, 2010

Someone complained that his dell latitude d620 laptop battery not charging again. He said a few days ago, although the battery was indicated to be fully charged, the energy is dead in less than 10 minutes. But today he found it was absolutely out of work. What’s wrong with the battery?

Normally, if you have used the laptop battery for a long time or the recharging cycles has reached about thousand times, the damage of the battery is considerable. If not, it is most likely to be damage in charging components of motherboard. Then it needs to repair by professional agencies. To avoid that, the maintenance is necessary which can be applied to mobile phone batteries.

Laptop battery life is calculated by recharging cycle, however, many users have little understanding of the problem. A regular laptop battery can be charged for nearly 500 times so that it is considered to have two year life span.

As a matter of fact, even if not in use, dell laptop batteries will discharge themselves. Once being laid aside for too long, the battery may be suffered from overcharging. Then it is afraid that the battery won’t be charged again even if it was only used for several times.

That is to say, the battery should be stored properly if it won’t be used for more than three weeks. It is best to pack the battery with a bag and put the whole in a cool and dry place.

Although li-ion batteries are advanced in technology, there’s still some memory effect exists. You’d better charge and discharge the battery deeply once a month to keep it fit. Of course, the charging time should be kept in 12 hours for overcharging will reduce the battery life rapidly.

As to judge if the battery performs normal, it is relatively easy. Usually, with the recharging cycles increase, the standby time reduces gradually. Once it is less than half of the dominant standby time or not stable, you should be alert to the battery. A replacement laptop battery should be prepared before the former one dead.

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