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Friday, June 25, 2010

Rechargeable apple laptop battery has exhibited a good performance with the help of li-ion technology. Nowadays, you can find many li-ion batteries for other electronic products with the same character of apple laptop battery. However, these batteries will all come to an end one day.

Standard techniques of the industry

Li-ion batteries are prior to mh-ni batteries on power density. As the lightest metal, li-ion is with low weight and long life span. You can charge the li-ion batteries by laptop battery charger at any time while the mh-ni batteries should be fully discharged and recharged each time to get maximum performance. With time goes by, it will present the crystal in mh-ni batteries which will prevent you from fully charged or even damage.

charging stage of li-ion laptop battery

Standard charging

For most of li-ion batteries, a method of rapid charging has been adopted which will fill 80% of the capacity in a short time. Then it will be converted to the way of intermittent charging. For example, the apple laptop battery m9326g/a can reach 80% in about two hours if not in use when charging.

However, for all li-ion batteries, recharging cycles are limited. A recharging cycle is calculated by run out of all the power energy instead of a charge. For instance, if you play ipod for several hours with half of the power consumed and then recharged. It doesn’t mean that it has cost you a recharging cycle. If you do this again tomorrow, it is calculated as one recharging cycle instead of two. Each time a recharging cycle is finished, the battery capacity is reduced.

What are the best ways to make use of battery capacity

Standby time provided by your apple laptop battery is determined by use method. For example, DVD drives will cost you much more power than documents. If you follow the proper steps, the standby time of laptop or iPod can be used at maximum efficiency.

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