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Friday, June 25, 2010

Vicarious way of self-defense and counterattack

On May 8th of 2009, in China, a college student, Huang Jing, got about 4300 dollars as compensation from acer. Previously, the girl was held for 295 days. She said that the greatest significance for her is to clean name and prove innocence. After that, she also donated the amount to the charity organization.

On February 2rd of 2006, Huang Jing bought the acer laptop in Zhongguancun of Beijing, praised as China's Silicon Valley. After testing, there’s something wrong with CPU and acer laptop battery. Therefore, she claimed for about 5 million dollars from acer, which made her being held for months as offence of extortion by blackmail by acer.

Actually, no matter how good the after-sale is, customers are always at a disadvantage against these large enterprises. According to the legal rule in China, Consumers whose legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon in their purchasing or using commodities may demand compensation from the sellers concerned. Moreover, what customers get is the double compensation which is to restrict the manufacturers. However, if someone applies for more, is that illegal? Of course, in US, there is nothing new in this kind of events.

In 1981, in US, a man who was driving a Ford Pinto suffered from explosion on the road and his kid was serious burned. After investigation, Ford had learned about the problems of his cars before but no actions. Therefore, they cost 125 million dollars in the accident as compensation. However, all these won’t get them the health and security.

As to acer, he should pay more attention to the details of products, such as acer laptop power cord . Any detail will do tremendous harm to customers and himself.

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