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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moreover, some cheap laptops don’t have this kind of battery management software which is installed as a power management IC. However, universal power monitoring software can have the similar action to laptop computer battery.

With the software, lenovo laptop battery, for example, will extend its standby time from two and half hours to nealy three and a half hours. It is controlled by brightness of screen, running speed of CPU and radiator fan, which really have done a remarkably good job.

Proper charging method of laptop computer battery

For most users, laptop is always connecting with laptop battery charger. It should be noticed that it is really dangerous to the battery. If the situation lasts long, the standby time must be short and laptop battery life is greatly reduced.

As is known to all, laptop battery life is determined by charging cycles. If no sooner after fully charged is the battery recharged again, the power capacity of li-ion battery will be accelerated reduction. We recommend that it is better to charge when it is indicated to be less than 10% power in it. Furthermore, it is still harmful to keep the battery capacity too low. Under normal circumstances, the range from 3% to 10% is the most reasonable choice.

For this reason, you can set the alarming limit to 10% instead of 3% which is not enough for laptop computer battery to supply enough power of starting up.

Is discharge necessary to laptop computer battery?

If the laptop battery capacity reduced rapidly after a long time use, it is best to save it by deep discharge. Of course, the method cannot have effect all the time. The easiest way is to keep programs running until the remaining power is less than 3%. Then restart and enter BIOS with empty operation until it shuts down automatically. As to recharge time, 8 hour comes to be the best while more than 12 hours will be harmful.

Any laptop batteries, including dell laptop battery and gateway laptop battery, needs to be maintained carefully and patiently. Or it is most likely to be the first part to damage.

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