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Monday, June 21, 2010

With the popularity of usb phone, more requirements in the technology have been put forward. Therefore, the usb cordless phone has been released. Today, we’ll recommend you this 160 feet usb cordless phone for skype.

160 feet usb cordless phone for skype

From the name we can see that it is a cordless phone with talking distance of 160 feet, equivalent to 50 meters. Then we’ll be relieved from keeping around the computer but to move in a certain range. Although the distance is limited, it is enough for you to have drink, search for some materials on the bookshelf and so on. Besides, the long distance conference will be more convenient. Even if a large amount of staffs, it can supply the enough room for them.

As to the character of the usb phone, it is with fashion look and human design. With time goes by, any electronic products are not only the outcome of advanced technology but the symbol of modernization. Therefore, it calls for higher request on the class design and humanity usage.

As to the functions, 160 feet usb cordless phone for skype has noise reduction, digital echo cancellation, caller ID function, etc. Besides, both base and handset have ringing for all incoming calls. All these designs are on the basis of taking the users habits into account.

Compared to the normal phone, the correspondence fee is low while some calls from skype are free. If you are just suffering from the high correspondence fee, it can get you rid of it. Besides, whenever you are beside the phone or computer, you can receive the calls easier.

Compared to the Wi-fi phone, it is much cheaper with working on both wireless network and broadband network. It is convenient to use for a conference call. Except for skype, it is able to work with multi-soft phones and firmwares such as msn messenger, VOIP buster and yahoo messenger. You can also download skypemate.

In usb phone world, 160 feet usb cordless phone for skype is available with the price of cheaper than a laptop battery. You may as well have a taste of the facilities and interestingness of the usb phones by Internet introduction and actual using.

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by: USB Phone World