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Friday, June 18, 2010

ev089aa of hp laptop battery


It is really a high-effeciency and low-cost laptop battery. You’ll find that it is a 12 cell 8800mAh battery which is no less than $100. As a feedback to users, especially for those who have suffered from the accidents of original hp laptop batteries, the battery costs about $69. As is known to all, the higher capacity and lower actual power will attribute to a longer standby time. Meanwhile, it is still with the distinguishing feature of hp laptop battery, that is, compatibility.

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

Like hp laptop batteries, gateway mx8710 laptop battery can also be compatible to many gateway laptop models from Gateway 6000 Series to Gateway T2330. Normally, most gateway batteries are of high voltage, which makes the protection circuit of high requirements. Furthermore, there’s a bundle for this battery which is well-designed to maximum the laptop performance.

dell latitude d620 laptop battery

Dell latitude d620 laptop battery is a classic one in our website which has been sold for a long time. Due to the high-quality battery cells, it has received great praises from users. In fact, damage of either battery cell will cause the whole to be scrapped. In addition, there’s still a higher capacity one released, a 9 cell 7200 mAh battery, to meet the increasing demands.

m9326g/a of apple laptop battery


As we all known, apple laptop is definitely different from others. So is the apple laptop battery. M9326g/a is designed for Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch Series. Thanks to the popularity of this apple laptop model, the battery sells well in our website. However, it should be noticed that any part of apple laptop is with high demanding. Among them, the appearance is the top factor. Therefore, we’ve concentrated our efforts on all the details, such as smooth surface and attracting color.

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