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Friday, June 18, 2010

It is reported that the world’s largest VOIP operator Skype has increased about 30% with about 40 million new users added. Although the volume appears to be large, compared to Internet users in US, Skype users are relatively few. On the one hand popularity is a matter of technology development, such as new cordless usb phone; on the other hand it is related to the service quality which is even more important.

As we’ve all seen that mobile phone is developing so fast that fixed telephone and bleeper have been replaced in a very short time. The development, as it were, should attribute the success to its portability which can make users to communicate in any places. However, it is the ever-increasing value-added services that greatly improve user's scale and loyalty. In the very long period of time, mobile phone has occupied the largest share of telecommunication market.

It is said that the invention of VOIP is a great challenge to mobile phone. If we say that mobile phone has achieved a leap from telephone network to all communication networks, VOIP has achieved the combination of both the Internet and the communication networks. It is really a historical leap.

Similarly, VOIP, like Skype, can be used on the computer. You can have skypemate software download and establish a phone call. Actually, it is free to have a chat from computer to computer while from computer to phone with a low price. It is said that the discount on call charges is the greatest attraction. But for some usb phones, as there’re only a few differences from headphones, they are of little importance to users.

To our gratification, there’re already some cordless usb phones sold in usb phone world. With them, you don’t need to wait by the computer but answer the calls by the phone. Of course, to these kinds of phones, the range of activity is still limited.

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