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Thursday, June 17, 2010

As a precise instrument, laptop battery is not only complex in the structure but also in use. That is to say, it should be treated different in various states and stages.

Use the new laptop battery for the first time.

For a new laptop, the battery is the primary factor to consider. As a matter of fact, electrical characteristics play different from what they do after a period of time in a laptop battery. It is mainly represented on apparent fully charging and short-lasting power. You may find it only a short time after plugging to the laptop battery charger, it demonstrates to be full while it will provide only a short standby time.

It is known that the problems can be solved by several fully charging and discharging. However, it needs to be aware that although a brand new battery can be charged directly, if used improperly, the performance won’t get to the maximum attainable level.

Once you have got a new battery, please avoid charging it by laptop charger in a hurry. As it has been partly charged by the manufacturer, there’s still a little remained. What you should do is to turn on the laptop and discharge it until shutting down automatically.

Normally, it is not until three times of continuous charging and discharging will get the battery fully preheated. Of course, for li-ion batteries, the operation is not necessary. After that, you can use it in a normal way. For some laptops, they have already installed the functions of battery calibration in BIOS. With it, users can maintain the laptop battery regularly more conveniently.

In addition, screen is very vulnerable especially for a new laptop computer. There’s always a protective film on the surface. Try not to remove it on the pre-development stage. If you really want to do like that, please uncover it carefully from certain corner of the screen with proper strength.

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