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Sunday, June 13, 2010
laptop battery

Have you felt that laptop battery life seems to be fading after being held for more than a year. The most popular way for you is to change the batteries. Here, I’ll give you some tips to make laptop batteries keep remaining power from charger.

Mistakes to weaken your laptop battery - Keep connecting with power charger after shutting down. As a rule, batteries with fully charged are hard to continue retaining power. Owing to overcharging, it’s terrible that the battery comes to be fading from now on. Worse is that one day you will have no capacity to retain power even with a high-quality hp adapter.

Laptop battery life is supposed to depend on its charging cycle. Each filling-emptying cycle of battery will reduce lifetime. Hence, it is best to use up electric quality to the fullest extent possible. Before charging, the interval is better to be less than 12 hrs.

Exception conditions – Fully used laptop battery and spent battery. Except that, laptop computer charger must be confirmed to be away from plug socket. Otherwise, at the risk of becoming overcharged, even if it is of a half full when you charge it again, the batteries would wear down fast.

Conditions what make laptop sick – extreme conditions. As if switching rapidly from chill to hotness will cause a high fever, laptop battery also cannot suffer from it. Extreme conditions bring moisture which could cause chemicals to leak out from battery, laptop included. No matter it is a sony vaio laptop battery or dell laptop battery, it’s the fast way to kill your laptop and even the toxic chemicals are dangerous for you.

Other factors

  • void removing the battery frequently.

  • Avoid run applications simultaneously while using the laptop with the battery.

  • Away from external devices like USB while using the laptop with the battery.

It occurred to facilitate the use of laptop, if properly cared. Based on tips below, your laptop battery are sure to last long.

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by: USB Phone World