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Thursday, June 10, 2010
laptop battery damage

Although it is easy to be connected to the ac adapter, the laptop battery has suffered from many unexpected problems. Usually, you may ignore the effect of the battery. It is until the damage occurs that you begin to think about it. In order to facilitate all of you here, we’ve summarized the questions which were constantly asked by our customers.

If my laptop battery hasn’t discharged entirely, will it reduce the life span?

The battery life is primary determined by the recycling circles. For the li-ion battery, the number is about 400 to 600 while a special one with the circles of nearly 800. Although a little memory effect exists, the influence of the memory effect is far inferior to that of the natural loss.

Why is it not until the indicated remaining time that the laptop powers off by itself?

The problem may be related with both the power indicating software and the laptop battery. You replace the battery with another to check if the problem emerges. If so, there must be something wrong with your software.

How long is the standby time of the laptop battery?

It is really hard to say. Even if with the same battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop, the condition differs from each other. On the one hand, the standby time is related to the battery specifications; on the other hand, it will be reduced by more running programs. It can be calculated by the battery dominant power and the actual current. If you really want to extend it, you can carry out some actions on the laptop, such as dim the screen, remove the hard disk and so on. Furthermore, a higher capacity compatible laptop battery is a good choice.

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