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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep the laptop away from rain and water

laptop bag, ac adapter

It is important to keep the laptop and the ac adapter from water when we go out on a rainy day, for rainfall is heavier in summer,. Laptop bag with waterproof functions comes to be the necessity, which can greatly extend the life of the laptop. Generally speaking, the original bags and others from normal channels are the best choice.

High temperature environment for lithium ion laptop battery life

laptop battery
In theory, the temperature from 30℉ to 110℉ is good for charging while -5℉ to 140℉ is good for discharging. As we all know, high temperature is harm to the laptop battery. Without a proper temperature for charging and discharging, the cell activity will decrease while the battery life and the standby time reduced. If the high temperature is unavoidable, you can try to use the ac adapter instead of laptop battery only.

Power management setup for laptop

laptop battery setup
It is a good way to set up power management mode properly for temperature reduction, such as turning off monitor, hard disk and system waiting time within the fixed time.

Furthermore, some external devices like mobile hard disk drive and infrared port should be removed if they are not in use. It can not only save you the power energy but life span of the accessories.

Besides, there’s a kind of temperature reduction software to shield the functions that are less frequently used.

All of these are general, different laptops should be treated differently in practice. Dell oem latitude d620 li ion replacement laptop

is definitely different from the original dell laptop battery.

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