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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Several weeks ago, it has announced the news about hp laptop battery recalling. From then on, the quality of hp laptop has been doubted by users. It is reported that hp begins to lay off employees for this reason.

As is claimed by hp, if your laptop battery occurs to be in the recalling list, a free replacement battery will be provided. The list can be found in the hp official website. Besides, you can just call the customer service for it. But if you are really in an emergency, why don’t you consider to buy a new compatible laptop battery?

For all laptop brands, it is unavoidable to meet with the damage even if rebound is odds small. If it happens to be in the period of warranty, it can be repaired by free. Or else, like hp laptop battery recalling, it is the damage in large numbers of batteries that makes the problem solved directly.

No matter it is a hp laptop battery or a compaq laptop battery, we suggest that you can buy a compatible one of high capacity. First of all, it takes much time to repair. That means that you can only use the ac adapter during this period. Even if a free replacement can be offered, it is still ineluctable to meet with an ill one. Therefore, you can buy a compatible laptop battery of a higher capacity. Although the output current comes to be higher than the former, it is unnecessary to worry about its safety while it will help you to optimize the system.

Have you ever expected that many problems of accessories are caused by the heat dissipation. Especially when many programs are running in the laptop, a battery of dominant value won’t provide enough power to them. At this moment, a higher capacity laptop battery or ac adapter seem to be better.

Furthermore, you can also buy a new hp laptop ac adapter. Normally, the adapter provides th power energy to both the battery cells and the protection circuit. In a word, the laptop is so complex that it cannot just be considered to be of a poor quality if it occurs to be damaged.

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