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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nowadays, li-ion laptop battery is common with advanced technology. It is said that the li-ion battery has advantage in capacity and performance. Compared to Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries, it has nearly twice the capacity with only a little memory effect.

As to li-ion laptop battery, there’re several specifications exist while the capacity is different. For instance, battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop is of 4800mAh while a compatible one can reach 7200mAh. In theory, a larger capacity, amp per hour, is equal to a longer standby time.

However, it is still needed to be fully charged at the first time of use. Although only a little memory effect exists, it is useful to be activated by charging for more than four hours. To be different, li-ion laptop battery cannot be discharged fully before recharging each time. If so, it will be damaged with the battery life shorted. Of course it needs to be discharged fully and recharged again for several times nearly once three months.

Furthermore, a stable ac adapter is necessary. It functions as the electric current exchange from 110V to the input current for laptop. The process is complex with several accessories of the adapter passed by. Moreover, the adapter supplies the power to both the laptop battery and the protection circuit. For these reasons, ac adapter holds a position of great responsibility. But it doesn’t mean that a cheap laptop ac adapter should be avoided. If you are right to buy a new replacement adapter, try to check the specifications and test the performance.

Just like laptop, batteries prefer to a cool and dry condition. If you are not going to use it for more than a month, removed it from the laptop and stored a sealed bag with the temperature of nearly 70℉. Besides, nearly 30%-40% power should be reserved in it.

To get a longer standby time, adjust to energy saver mode in power setting. A continuous running system will get the laptop to overheat which is also harm to the laptop battery.

In normal, the battery life depends on the recharging cycles. Nevertheless, if you maintain your li-ion laptop battery well, it will last much longer.

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