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Friday, June 4, 2010

Thinkpad used to be the symbol of IBM. As the parts of IBM business laptops are merged by Lenovo, thinkpad is exchanged. The core value of thinkpad comes to be the CMOS system which is one of the most advanced technologies nowadays. With the system, all the datas can be stored in the laptop. Although the title has been changed, the system remained. Is it still ibm thinkpad battery or a new lenovo laptop battery?

It is really hard to say. However, for users, the primary point is related with the user experience. Of course, there’s little difference since it is merged by Lenovo. When the battery comes to the end, how to replace the laptop battery properly?

Before replacement, some operations are necessary to achieve the best results. After shutting down the laptop, unlock the main battery with a release button to drop out. Usually the CMOS system has a memory device with it which is installed in a plastic box.Then switch on the box to pull out the CMOS system from the laptop.

By now, it’ time to search for a compatible laptop battery and then check for its specifications. Try to make sure it is of good performance. After that, get the old main battery replaced and put back to the laptop.

Moreover, the data in the laptop, such as date and time, should be reset. After restarting, It can be done by pressing the button of F1 or F3 in the state of BIOS. Remember to save the changed data.

If all these have been finished, is the battery still a ibm thinkpad battery? Maybe most of the users will consider it a completely lenovo laptop battery. In reality, it is unnecessary to figuring it out clearly. If your laptop is within the warranty period, contact the after-sale service department of Lenovo. Any damage out of man-made accidents is free there.

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