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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As a part of laptop, laptop battery is said to be the core, which is related to the movement and standby time. With a period of use, incidents of battery explosion have happened frequently so that the laptop batteries are rejected by many airline companies. From then on, the battery comes to be a kind of dangerous goods. Like HP laptop battery and Sony laptop battery, many batteries have been recalled by the manufacturers. It leads to a consideration, whether it is a treasure or time bomb?

First, let’s come to look around the internal structure of a laptop battery which is composed by cover, interface, cells and protection circuit. Seen from the interface, there’s an important component – cells – the heart of the battery. With reserved energy in it, the cells provide the necessary power.

To improve the safety, the protection circuit is the key component. Usually, the circuit is related to the laptop motherland, whose operating principle is so complex. Although it doesn’t supply any power or even consume some, without it, the laptop will be at the risk of overheat or even explosion. The protection circuit can control the output voltage and current from laptop battery. If any accidents happen, the power supply will be cut. In some cases, the circuit can also show the parameters of the battery at a certain moment.

The result is that the quality of laptop batteries, whether HP laptop battery or Sony laptop battery, is depend on the protection circuit. It is known that the output current is usually higher than that of the laptop battery. From then, the power consumed by the protection circuited can be calculated. Moreover, as the current passed by the circuit is so small that only a little heat can be produced.

As to the cover, fireproof materials are necessary in case of the accidents. If the other protection components don’t work, the last stand is the cover. Comparatively speaking, the interface seems to be less important to the laptop battery. However, an interface of poor quality will reduce the battery life. In normal, the only way for the power to pass by is the interface.

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