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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A variety of statements about laptop battery charging has been spread on the Internet. Users must be confused by all these varied methods. At this moment, we’re going to have a discussion on the charging of Dell laptop battery.

In the early stage, many laptop batteries are made of Ni-Cd. As is known to all, Ni-Cd batteries have a serious problem of memory effect. It is common for many users to charge the laptop batteries for nearly 12 hours at the first time then. Furthermore, they need a deep discharge and recharge regularly which has bothered the users for a long time.

As lithium technology has come to Dell laptop battery, both the memory effect and the capacity have improved. Then is it necessary to operate as before? Actually, a high quality Li-ion battery still has a slight memory effect.

Actually, an excellent protection circuit has been well-designed to a li-ion battery has to avoid overcharge or exceeding discharge. Under the protection circuit, Dell laptop battery has been fully charged and discharged for several times, but in fact, impossible to get a real "full" level. In some cases, the aging battery couldn’t tell the actual capacity accurately. The operation of fully charge and discharge for three times is a normal method to get the benchmark protection circuit parameters, which is used nearly once a month.

The cautions of Dell laptop battery as bellowed should be followed strictly.

  1. When charging, never to unplug the external power supply.

  2. Whether the battery is installed in the laptop or not, it will discharge by itself.

  3. If the battery won’t be used for a long time, about nearly more than 3 weeks, it is recommend to be separated from the laptop and be stored in a proper condition.

  4. If the battery is used at the first time or not be used for more than 3 weeks, it must be discharged deeply and fully recharged to start a new journey.

  5. As the li-ion battery will do harm to the environment, it shouldn’t be thrown away directly. It is best to contact the local authorities to get the solution.

In the use of Dell laptop battery, it is no use to charge the battery to 100%. With the protection circuit, the li-ion battery can be kept in the laptop. Certainly, if the battery cannot be charged to more than 80% for a long time, it is better to get a new replacement. The battery life will be extended if the cautions as above have been followed. A high-quality battery with a correct charging method will get you to a new efficient age.


by: USB Phone World