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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

As HP laptop battery has been recalled these days, users are often wondered if the quality of the certain HP model is weakened. However, in most cases, it is not just the problems of battery itself, especially for those not in the recalling list. Among all problems, not being charging is common. If it happens, the first step is to check your HP laptop AC adapter.

Like the HP laptop battery, HP AC adapter will be damage without proper care or out of the lifespan. The adapter should be regarded before it is fully discharged. Besides, the problem of external power supply, like wall socket and outlet, is another factor. Just check these two clearly first, or you’ll miss the important details.

The following specific operations are necessary for HP laptop battery.

  1. Check the AC adapter. Remove the battery and keep the laptop on with only the AC adapter. If it doesn’t work, try to get a replacement to decide whether the damage is caused by the adapter. If it is the same, it must occur to be a laptop failure. Go and look for a professional to solve it.

  2. 2. Sometimes, you may find that a correct remaining standby time could not be told by the laptop software. Check carefully to determine the software is damage. If it is, even a new battery won’t get the problem solved.

  3. 3. Check the HP laptop battery in a similar way. If the problem of laptop can be excluded, get a replacement battery to check if it is in a good condition. Certainly for nearly after 1 year or even 2 years after purchasing, the power is weakened and should be replaced in time.

  4. 4. Unplug the external power supply and installed again with the battery removed. After doing this, press and hold the power button for nearly one minute. And then restart the laptop with both the battery and AC adapter in it. It is done to check if the system is in the state of a "hiccup" that the motherland cannot reserve the power.

  5. 5. For HP laptop battery, it is not possible to be charged to completely 100%. For most laptops, the batteries can only reach about 98% of the capacity. Moreover, if it is possible, a correcting method can be used.

A careful examination is necessary before purchasing a new replacement HP laptop battery. These operations will also get you know the performance of the laptop and the related parts clearly. If any failure happens, try to contact us by 1-800-631-8153 and we’ll tell more about the HP laptop battery.


by: USB Phone World