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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There's a kind of laptop battery which is of good compatibility but a short life span, called refurbished battery. To avoid it, the knowledge of the battery is necessary.

With the time goes by, laptop battery has updated three times, from Ni-Cd to Ni-MH to Li-ion battery. As is produced early, the Ni-Cd battery is rare especially for laptop. With a low capacity and terrible memory effect, it seems to die out in the market. When using, if the battery is entirely drained before charging, it should be seriously damaged with the life span shorted. With the twice capacity and half memory effect, Ni-MH battery has a longer battery life and better performance. Li-Ion battery seems to be the best nowadays. It is said to have no memory effect and no toxins. Furthermore, the battery only weights the half of the Ni-MH one.

In purchasing a laptop battery, the details of the batteries, used, refurbished, and new, are as below.

  1. The used one seems to have a short standby time for its aging cells. Usually recharging is needed only in 30 minutes to an hour. The quality is normally depended on the usage time of the battery.

  2. Refurbished laptop batteries are available by the refurbished laptop manufacturers and retailers. Before sales, these batteries are renewed, recharged, and tested. The battery is much better than the used batteries, but not quite good as a new one.

  3. As long as it is cared properly, a new laptop battery will have a standby time of nearly several hours. Normally, a new battery will get a 1 full year warranty.

Sometimes you may find that no external power supply is available, a new laptop battery is necessary. Both the used and refurbished batteries will be at risk of automatic shutdown and loss of data. In some cases, a refurbished battery is sold as a new one. To avoid it, it is best to buy from the credible sellers with at least 1 year warranty. As to the used batteries, the quality is different by brands and manufacturers. By the way, the new battery is not exactly the original one. In most cases, the compatible battery is always with little different in quality.


by: USB Phone World