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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As to HP laptop battery, there are many disputes recently, whose life span has been asked frequently by our customers. Then what’s the reality? Could it be two years or three years? There’s no accurate answer to it, but it is told that at least two years can be ensured if it has a proper care.

In fact, laptop battery has its own limited recharging circles. With the ongoing charging, the battery comes to be wear and tear. Like many other batteries, it begins to be reduced nearly after 1 year from the first use. However, it is not always the same. Some details as below are of great significance to you.

  1. Laptop Battery will be end in nearly 500 recharging circles. If it is charged once a day, it is said to be used for about more than 1 year. Certainly for most users, the batteries won’t be charged so often. And then will the certain circles be reached for certain? If the battery has not used for a long time, can it be prolonged?

  2. If won’t be used for a long time, nearly more than 1 month, the best way to store is with about 30% capacity remained. Furthermore, a cool and dry place is also good for it.

  3. We always find that the Laptop Battery will be heat after a long time use. As is told by professionals, laptop batteries should be stored in a good condition. A high temperature, dust, water, and other factors will reduce the battery life so soon.

  4. Avoid discharging the battery to nearly 100% before charging. In normal, the battery life will be reduced by excess discharge. In daily work, the battery should be recharged when it is indicated the capacity of 20%-30%. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that fully discharge is unnecessary. Nearly once three months, the battery should be discharged deeply to get it calibrated.

For all HP laptops, a matched original HP laptop battery is always the best choice. However, if not cared properly, the battery will be dead in a very short period of time. Although a compatible replacement battery is OK for the laptop, it is not so good as the original one. If it has already be damaged, some compatible batteries of good performance and high capacity are still good for you.

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