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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As is mentioned before, laptop battery is afraid of overheat, overvoltage, overcurrent, etc. A common consequence is shutdown at a sudden with the battery life reduced. Now we all known that the damp condition and high temperature will do harm to all batteries, but as to the character of Sony Vaio laptop battery, is there any special details to be followed?

Avoid charge the Sony laptop battery in a rapid way

There is a new technology released these days which can efficient the recharge circle. Although it has not been popularized, many businessmen desire to have one. As the battery can get a fast charge, even an emergent conference can be fixed if no external power supply is available. However, with the developing technology, it is not so useful as we expected, especially for Sony laptop battery.

As a matter of fact, in spite of fully charged while more time saved, there’re still some defects in the technology. When charging the Sony Vaio laptop battery, the output voltage and current come to be higher increasingly, which will cause overheat or even dangerous explosion to the laptop. Does it seem to be impossible? The similar cases have really happened in many companies. Just look forward to an improved technology to a safety place.If it is not available, a reliable Sony laptop battery charger is good choice.

Keep away from a humid environment

As we all know, water is a conduction of electricity. Like any other electronic products, Sony laptop battery is also afraid of water. Any humid conditions will get to a short circuit, which may damage the laptop and battery seriously. Certainly, the consequences of short-circuit does not second to the overheat, which may also lead to fire or even explosion.

Therefore, Sony Vaio laptop battery should be stored in a cool and dry condition specially. Besides, any other details about battery care mentioned before should be followed.

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