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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As a member of lenovo laptop battery Lenovo laptop battery, IBM thinkpad battery comes to be one of the most popular batteries in the world. Although it is merged by Lenovo, with the high quality, IBM is specially popularized by the businessmen. However, like other batteries, it won’t last so long as it did before. The correct operation is very important for IBM users to extend the life span.

First, turn the laptop power on. Less programs operated, less time will we cost on it. Try to figure out the programs used frequently and then shut any unnecessary ones.

Second, connect the laptop to a high-quality AC adapter. Then the IBM thinkpad battery will be loaded and charged by the adapter. Usually these two components always influence with each other.

Third, check the remaining energy and shut down the laptop to investigate the battery. Then replace the battery with a new one before restart, maybe a compatible Lenovo laptop battery can be chosen. By comparison, the performance of the battery can be tested.

Next, remove the external devices which are not used at the moment, such as DVD players, USB devices and even WLAN card. Power saving is also a key to protect the IBM thinkpad battery.

Last, please try to dim the laptop screen to get more power. Although it can be seen more clearly with a bright screen, much unnecessary power has been consumed by it.

The information as above seems to be simple and easy to operate, it influences your IBM thinkpad battery seriously in daily work. Only these details in the operation will extend the battery life and optimize the laptop system.

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by: USB Phone World